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Would You Kindly? is a vibrant rock band from Kenosha, WI made up of Gina Marie (Lead Vocals), Paul Hoskins (Guitar), Daniel Harrison (Bass), Megan Weaver (Violin), and "Miss B" Haven Wells (Drums). They have a unique sound incorporating electric violin and a blended influence of modern rock, pop, and jazz. They are known for their originals like WAMI Award winning Rock Song of the Year ‘Blood in the Water’, 'Charlatan' and covers like ‘Renegade’ by Styx.

They sponsor Make Music Kenosha presented by the NAMM Foundation, headline for Kenosha Pride, play for Captains + Canines partnered with the Wisconsin Humane Society, as well as The Taste of Wisconsin in support of Kiwanis. Would You Kindly? has performed alongside a variety of talent such as Royal Bliss, Edge of Destiny, ARTIFAS, The Almas, and Saint Tragedy.

Would You Kindly? just released their latest single 'Ain't That a Shame' and is mastering their second full-length album 'home.' to be released in 2024, and will be performing at the '24 Illinois State Fair.


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