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Would You Kindly? is an acoustic electric, indie rock band based out of Kenosha, WI. The band was formed originally by the eclectic vocalist Gina Marie and brilliant guitarist Paul Hoskins in 2019. Almost every week, you could find Gina and Paul performing at the Sazzy B and Rustic Road open mics in downtown Kenosha playing a combination of covers like “What About Us” by P!nk and originals such as “The Aftermath.”


Later that year Would You Kindly? expanded, introducing the dynamic drummer, Jake Kleinhardt; followed by the versatile bassist, Daniel Harrison; and finally, the very talented violinist, Megan Weaver. They have had the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with a variety of local talents, such as Betsy Ade & The Well-Known Strangers, Mixed Company, Resistance, Spare Animals, and 3 A.M. Saints.


As their profile expanded, Would You Kindly? earned standing gigs, including The Hive Taproom, as well as new opportunities. They believe in being a huge support for the local Wisconsin and Illinois community. They have had the opportunity to play for benefits such as Songs of Freedom, The Thrilla in Lake Villa benefit for the Terminus Theater, Captains + Canines partnered with Safe Harbor Humane Society, and Into The Space - Fall Fundraiser for the Kenosha Creative Space.


Most excitedly—and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic—Would You Kindly? has released their first official music video for “The Aftermath” in collaboration with Madsen Media Productions and Oscar Mercadillo. They have also continued to support the local music scene by participating weekly in the Kenosha Online Open Mic, hosted by none other than Jordan Pauley of Crimson Jester Productions.


So, would you kindly come say “hello.” Check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram or meet us at one of our upcoming shows!




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